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Only Connect. Fastest finger first?


This popular quiz show for BBC 4 has been going from strength to strength since it started seven series ago. It has certainly established itself as one of the toughest quizzes on TV and the "Connecting Wall" round now appears weekly in the pages of the Radio Times.

Also popular with fans of the show is the "Missing Vowels" round, where the two teams have a final chance to score vital points against the clock and against each other.

The teams have been so well matched in the last series that the buzzer round has been hotly contested and the interval between buzzer presses has got smaller and smaller.

The picture below shows an example - in Pro Tools were are able to measure the gap between the sounds of the teams button hits. In this example there are only 928 samples between them!

That's equivalent to 19 milliseconds!

Fortunately, the studio system correctly triggered the right sound and the fastest finger was first.

Cranc has recently completed audio post for series 8 of Only Connect, which starts on BBC 4 on Monday 23rd September 2013 at 20:30. In the meantime, why not try the huge library of Connecting Walls over at

OnlyConnect Buzzers


Only Connect, about to film series 11, is currently enjoying it's first run after the move from BBC4 to BBC2. Of course it's hugely popular - the third highest rated show on BBC2. Long may it continue!